How to use the GPIO on the OrangePi Zero running Armbian

How to see it’s still alive (UART)

Use x.264 hardware encoding on an OrangePi Zero running Armbian

```bash cd /usr/src/linux wget && xz -d linux-4.20.17.tar.xz && tar -xf linux-4.20.17.tar && rm linux-4.20.17.tar armbian-config install kernel source cp linux-source-5.3.9-sunxi64/.config linux/linux-4.20.17 cd linux && git clone cd...

Stream For Cheap With RK3399 #3 - Compile RockChip's FFMPEG fork

In part two of this series, I compiled the master branch of ffmpeg on the OrangePi RK3399, with the hope we would get hardware acceleration automagically and failed. Now, let’s...

Compile GCC 9.X on the RK3399


Stream For Cheap With RK3399 #2 - Compile FFMPEG

In part one of this series, I tried the installed ffmpeg version on the OrangePi RK3399, and made a few assumptions. Now, let’s try to compile ffmpeg on this very...