Using jenkins to build Android applications

Using jenkins to build Android applications


Come join me at DevOps World 2022 for “Naively Building Android Apps with Jenkins. Not Natively, Naively.”, a talk about my journey with Jenkins while trying to build and publish Android applications without prior Jenkins knowledge.

I’ve been tinkering with various CI/CD tools for years (Gitlab CI, Circle CI, Travis CI, Shippable, Github Actions, …) but not with Jenkins for whatever reason.

I’ve been supporting since 2014 mobile application developers through the use of gitlab-ci.

For DevOpsWorld 2022, I’ve been given a challenge: what if I tried to replicate that well oiled gitlab-centric machinery that I had built for years this time with Jenkins? At least… Could I mimic a subset of the functionality of my previous work without knowing anything about Jenkins?

To spice things up a bit, I might as well refrain from looking at what has already been done elsewhere; thus, I may end up with a shaky solution, or even a functional system that can be replicated at will.

Topics will include:

  • What does one need to build an Android application?
  • When your only tool is a hammer, everything looks like a nail (an ode to containerization)
  • Credentials and authentication
  • From Docker to the Cloud?
  • Quality Assurance, Tests, and Deployment

First slide

This is not a definitive guide to build an Android application with Jenkins, more like a roadmap to my journey with Jenkins… with takeaways from my experience.

Come join me for the presentation in Orlando!